Chanticleer Inn, named from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales' famous rooster character, was built in 1922 by the Sanborn Family of Eagle River. The main lodge burned in 1923, but was rebuilt immediately. Some artifacts of this fire are on display in the lobby of the Inn's main lodge. John and Betty Alward (Jake's parents) purchased the "summer only" resort in 1951 with their friends, Dick and Gerry Brown. At that time, the resort consisted of 13 cottages along the waterfront, the lodge and 40 acres of land. For health reasons, the Browns sold out to the Alwards in 1953.

John and Betty Alward and their three children, Lauralee, Chuck, and Jake began, with gusto, to upgrade the resort, beginning with winterizing the existing units. Thus, Chanticleer became a year 'round resort. By 1965, they had removed 2 cottages and built the motel units. They worked tirelessly, running the resort and cooking for the American Plan Resort. The Alwards were active community members and industry innovators. John "Boss" passed away in 1990. Betty "Chief" at 91, passed away in July of 2006. Jake's parents also founded the World Championship Snowmobile Derby on Dollar Lake in 1963 and 1964. John Alward was inducted posthumously into the International Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame in 1992. There have been several re-enactments since the original Derby.
Going Green!
    To keep our planet healthy, the Chanticleer Inn is doing it's part. Here is a small list of things that we now do.
  • Recycling
  • Emailing confirmation letters
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Electric hand driers & motion sensitive lights in the Dining room bathrooms
  • Transitioning to natural cleaning products